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September 23, 2015


          Taqiyya is a practice of Islam which permits Muslims to lie to their enemies, such as American or European infidels, when their lies are considered to be advancing the cause of Islam. They will swear on Bibles, make the sign of the Cross and lie to anyone about anything as it is all in the name of Allah which mental reservation they hold internally. Allah's ends justify any means even something such as attending Christian church services. Are you listening Rev. Wright?

          A child born to an Islamic father is a Muslim as the child of a Jewish mother a Jew. Hussein was not only born to a Muslim father, he was raised in an Islamic household, in a Muslim environment and country while attending Muslim elementary school. We also know he lies with regularity as in: You can keep your doctor if you want and he is, of course, a politician.

          Is it any wonder then why such a person would want to fundamentally transform the United States if he had the opportunity? And why is anyone surprised when he releases Muslim terrorist prisoners from Gitmo and sucks up to the Muslim Mullahs of Iran?



September 20, 2015

        As you may know from previous posts, I believe Hussein Obama is a Muslim. There's nothing wrong with being a Muslim but there much wrong with Hussein's lying which is an endemic trait with him. Remember "You can keep your doctor"? And that's just the easy one.

Our MSM hacks are now salivating as a result of Trump not denying a questioner's comments about Hussein's Muslimism or his birthplace. These wolves demand that Trump should have vociferously objected to the premises of the question and stated his denials.


The MSM failed to register any complaint when Mrs. Clinton was interviewed by George Rodham-Stephanopoulos who asked her the same question which she answered by saying that there was no evidence on that, at least "As far as I know." Mrs. Clinton is ever the lawyer isn't she? She casts her doubts without accountability, leaving it to Hussein to prove the points.

Hussein himself has written that he was born in Kenya and has told an interviewer of "...my Muslim faith." The helpful interviewer said you mean your Christian faith and Hussein quickly recovered his false narrative, alleged he mis-spoke and said Christian faith. Do you buy that? It is impossible to mis-speak on that point. As a lifelong Christian, I could never mis-speak about my Jewish or Muslim faith. Never. Neither could you. Such things are not possible or believable.


September 19, 2015


         Most of us remember Hussein Obama's promise to fundamentally transform America. He hasn't ever said what he meant but it is now clear. Hussein wants to have a majority black, brown and Muslim America with a white minority which will operate the economic engine which will provide the social goodies for the rest.

          It is white slavery; nothing less.

          We have written before that there is virtually no black or brown country worth living in. They all stink. Look at the massive movement of people to Europe. Where do they come from? And where do they all want to go? To the countries of the white man. It's the same on the American continents as well. Tens of millions would come to America or Canada if they could. Hussein wants as many as possible so this country looks like those turd world countries but with enough white slaves to do the work that blacks and browns can't do. And what work is that? They cannot and have not ever organized and operated a country which approaches America or Europe in providing a high quality of life for the majority of the people. Why? I have no idea. I do know that they have never done it and show no talent in that direction. None at all. Whites and Asian are far superior to blacks and browns in that sphere.

          In black or brown countries, people have few rights, there is little economy, less opportunity, never much of a middle class if any; just a miserable life without much hope of working to improve one's condition or class. It's the Marxist reality - see Cuba 50 years later. It is also the social teaching of the Catholic Church, with its reckless, Communist leader and it is Hussein's clear, transformation objective.

          And one more thing. He's a Muslim and he always has been. His alleged Christianity was for public consumption only and the liberal suckers bought it. He is increasing the Muslim sect's population here as quickly as possible as he knows they are breeders by religion so as to eventually control wherever they live and impose their will and ways.

           If you think this is far-fetched, think some more.


September 17, 2015      


         We've been hacked by ransomware hackers and have lost our notes, plans, pictures and research thus we've been off the air for a week.

Ransomware, which I'd never heard of before, occurs when hackers seize control of your computer, encrypt all its files with some secret code of their own thus rendering it useless to you. They allege they will return it to normal if you pay them a ransom. Maybe they would, but maybe not and, meanwhile, they have your money. I refused to pay and am working my way through the problem they created.

Fortunately, I had two machines, one of which is my "work" machine, the other was my "back-up" and internet surfing machine. The latter machine was hacked. I've bought some external hard drives which will be attached one to each machine so that, overnight, each machine will have a mirror image copied to its respective external hard drive back-up. That way, I can essentially wipe any machine's internal drive clean and restore it to yesterday's close of business condition from the external hard drive. Tedious yes but, I think, secure.

I think the death penalty is about right for hackers but that the methodology should be ISIS style, slow and painful.

As MacArthur said: "I shall return."


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