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October 7, 2015


          Hypocrite and liar Mrs. W. Clinton is screaming to take guns away from ordinary citizens. So is the Muslim liar in the White House. Both have company among congress-critters, elites and police brass. Note though, Mrs. Clinton and the others all have armed security guards to protect them and their families. Worse, we pay for it and, in the case of Clinton and the Mulatto in Chief, we pay forever for each and their family. The elites are all armed plus have security and. of course, the police are armed 24/7 with armed buddies everywhere. I even recall Senator Feinstein bragging that she carries.

          But you or I? Unlikely. In California, our security protected governor decries protection for you. It's just part of the job for him and the rest of the Sacramento scum. They do everything possible to disarm us; to make it next to impossible to obtain a license to carry a weapon unless you're a politician or former politician.

          It is time for citizens to wake up and shake up the establishment types. 


October 6, 2015


          This afternoon's news offers more from ISIS. This time, after savagely beating a 12-year old boy, they crucified him along with his preacher father for the sin of not renouncing their Christian faith. This is reminiscent of the Oregon shooter who selected as his targets the self-identifying Christians in the classrooms.

           I think it is time to turn the other cheek and for Christians to rise up and smite these devils from wherever the come. Law enforcement can't be everywhere all the time and, while offense is a better defense than defense, being prepared and on guard is far better than submission.

           Time to buy a gun, plenty of ammo and target practice. I'll get my carry permits later but I want one for the office and one at home against the inevitable time when evil arrives.

           I may not survive but I will be damned if I just let it happen to me, my family, friends or neighbors. It is time for Americans to rise again and simply kill the black hats. They deserve it. It's as simple as building a wall.

Dr. Carson; Candidate

October 2, 2015




          Far from flamboyant, infused with sound intelligence, common sense and a principled Christianity, Ben Carson is a solid candidate for almost any office. Whether he is a really good presidential candidate is a separate question that I'm not yet ready to answer. Why?

          Carson's major drawback is that his experience is limited in its scope and variables. I have no doubt that dealing in life and death is many things but none of them seems to be being able to size up people anchored problems such as dealing with congress-critters, Putin, the Mullahs and other assorted egomaniac who roam and would control the world. Trump has that experience at the highest level of any of the Republican candidates. Fiorina has plenty of it too but at a lower level and within the more compact and controlled corporate environment. Any of them is head and shoulders above the current Muslim moron who is loosing the whirlwind on the world by abdicating America's leadership role.

          The question remains for Dr. Carson to show a strategic grasp of the world as he can't present an empirical understanding of the way it works. He is clearly a guy you would like to have call you friend but it is an open question as to whether he should be called Mr. President. I hope he comes through as he should be in our country's leadership even if not POTUS. 


September 25, 2015


          It usually surprises non-Catholics and, strangely, many Catholics, that the infallibility of a pope is limited to matters of faith or morals. On all other subjects, a pope can be and, in the present case is, a moron. That is undisputed. Nonetheless, our MSM hacks forever fail to apply that principle when writing on some point about which they and a pope agree. Today's pope, of course, is an Argentinean communist, Peronista style. It will be interesting to hear the MSM's take on Francisco's abortion position. Not his thoughts on forgiving a woman who had an abortion but the fact that a woman who did have an abortion is a grievous sinner because of that act. The good old MSM is dead silent on that part of Francisco's infallibility.

          Pope Dope is now trying to define his wacky environmental posture as a moral imperative thus giving MSM people cover to lie about what Catholics must and others should believe. In his UN speech today he referred to the moral right to the environment. Neat trick that. He ought to visit Justice Anthony Kennedy who has a lock on the discovery of new Constitutional rights having recently found one in the 14th Amendment which he avers permits him to say that marriage is not a union between a man and a woman. He's going to be careful if I agree with him and say it could then easily be defined as between a man and several women.

          The Pope is simply wrong on the environment and has nothing but discredited theory to use for support. Most of the "climate studies" on which he relies are based on phony statistics, altered to suit their conclusion. El Dopo doesn't know that or doesn't care to check. Why does he do that? Simple. Because he's a communist and they all say things like that so as to create more centrality of power in order to rule over the rest of us. The Church, of course, is also communistically organized so Dopo is used to it. Nonetheless, he is not infallible; far from it. On the myriad of subjects in this world, his alleged infallibility is limited to but two. Most people are not really concerned about faith or morals as, by adulthood, they either have them or they will never have them. Thus, Dopo is basically irrelevant to the lives of most people and is but a useful idiot for the world's power brokers.

jim sweeney

Jim Sweeney




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