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December 3, 2015


        Due to the confluence of life, family and professional pressures, I am suspending posting until further notice. 


        As an observation, I noted the same old, tired tropes from Hussein, our Muslim president, the lickspittles at CAIR and the media morons who cannot discern a motive for yesterday's shootings in San Bernardino. I'll tell you why: They were Muslims and all Muslims love Allah, Islam and Mohammed more than anything else, especially the United States. Thus, some go off the deep end before they have full control of a physical place. But you can be sure that, once control of a place is obtained, out goes whatever was there and in comes Islam and sharia. They have always done it, still do it and always will.


        The recent event just exemplifies their ideology having gotten off into the deep end for some slight or pathology. Jihad is how they rectify their particular issue. Doesn't everybody leave the baby with granny, dress up in combat clothes, with armor, weapons and pipe bombs to slaughter fellow workers? Of course they do. Christians, conservatives and white-men do that every day but, because of their white privilege, you rarely hear of it as the media masks it.


October 30, 2015


       Benghazi, code for the House hearings and investigation of the famous American famous liar, Hilliary Clinton, erstwhile bedmate of convicted liar William Clinton, turned out irrefutable proof of her sharing of the family trait. Among other things, promptly after the Benghazi slaughter, Hilliary emailed her daughter that the event was a terrorist attack. She wrote the leader of Egypt the same message and kept it up for days. Meanwhile, to suckers like Democrat and Republican voters and the families of the men she helped kill by her failure to properly defend them, Hilliary was out there telling you suckers that some poor slob who produced a video was the instigator and should be punished. The foregoing is indisputable; they have it in Hilliary's writings, aka emails.

       Another serial liar, the Mulatto Muslim Hussein Obama, was telling all and sundry the same lie. Other administration officials repeated the false story to the public and the world. And the innocent video guy went to jail for a year on trumped up charges. Who cares about him? The media, co-conspirators with Hilliary and Hussein, have dropped him down the memory hole. It's hard to remember his name isn't it? FYI, it's Nakoula B. Nakoula.

      Remember all that? And it's true. Those two liars told those lies right to the face of the families of the men who died at the Benghazi consulate offices. Right to their face, along with their crocodile tears.

     There once was a time in America when people who lied like that were shunned and shamed. Watergate, anyone? Yes, Nixon lied about the cover-up of the Watergate break-in and he was punished. Of course he was. All Republicans should be punished. But those same shamers never report about Hilliary or Hussein as they did about Nixon. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them? That's because, as Glenn Reynolds says, today's journalists are Democrat party operatives with by-lines.


October 12, 2015



          Traditionally, Columbus Day was celebrated everywhere as a national holiday with government offices and services closed. It was a day of national celebration  for Americans of Italian heritage as Columbus was Italian though he represented Spain in his explorations. I never knew of anyone who objected to it on any basis. But, as is said, that was then and this is now even though the government still closes it offices luxuriating in the bureaucratic tradition of never letting any holiday go to waste.

          Today, the newest grievance group, a motley tribe of American Indians, is weeping that Columbus was the cause of their being forced to move from tepees to gambling casinos and from the prairies, filled with buffalo, to cities filled with what is known only to Manitou.

          These redskins make me sick.

          At the time of Columbus, the age of the Explorers was in full sway in the world of white men. Indians were still hunting with bow and arrow and blacks with spears. Mexicans had yet to be invented. Africans were about the same they are today: hopeless everywhere they are found. We surely can return the Mexicans from whence they have invaded and any black who wishes can easily return to Africa. Indians have a problem in that nobody much knows or cares from where they came. They did nothing there and less here. They do know how to milk the taxpayers whining that we whites dispossessed them of their country.

          What country? A large place with few natives; no civilization and more warring tribes without permanence or coherence. In short, Indians were savages just as were the jungle blacks. If it weren't for whites, especially white men, both would still be savages without a country.

          What should be done? Those who like America, stay on and enjoy it. The complainers? Shut up, get a job and, if you don't like it, leave. There's nothing of you here and, honestly, nobody will miss a one of you.



October 10, 2015



          The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a totally and intentionally secret trade agreement among a dozen countries. It was finalized just this week but, aside from a handful of drafters, nobody, including Senators or Congressmen, knows what the bill says or to what it commits the United States. Too, none know what benefit, if any, the USA receives. The utmost in secrecy has been imposed from the top down in this, the supposed land of the free.

          One wonders why such secrecy? Why may no elected officials of the people read, argue and improve this trade treaty? Why may only the easily and regularly outsmarted Obama and his minions have access to this information which will affect all of us as citizens? It cannot be because it is such a great deal that our collective joy would make the other countries back off.

          The obvious answer is the lying Muslim in the White House continues to give away the store so as to continue his plan to fundamentally transform America and make it easier for his fellow Muslims to take over this country.

          If you haven't yet figured out that is his transformation's objective, I've just told you. The lying Muslim and his wife hate America, always have and have said so in so many words. They want to change it into a Muslim country. They have a long view but a view nonetheless and that is what it is. Only that explains the way he conducts himself. Everything he says and does is calculated to divide and weaken our country, to set one group of us against another group. This agreement is designed to destroy our economy. Wait until it finally seeps out.

          I have told you so - again. We have a traitor as our president.


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