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November 17, 2016



               Those White House press corps idiots are at it already. Last night, Mr. Trump had a family steak dinner at the 21 Club close by his New York home. He did not tell the press corps about the event. That bunch discovered his sin while the dinner was in progress. There is now a petty uproar among the press people whose knickers are twisted as they rant against the President-elect for this most mortal of sins: ignoring them. 


                According to their almighty selves, Trump's conduct fairly presages a non-transparent presidency and tramples on the American people's right to know every minute detail of Trump's life as, of course, reported through their self-important lens.


               Funny they didn't think that way back in 2008 when Obama slipped away to take his girls to a theme park. That, they later said, showed real family values and was admirable, not at all a problem of any kind.


                 As Al Jolson used to say: You ain't seen nothin' yet.


November 11, 2016


                                   Since Obama became president, his Democrat Party has lost:


                                   1.     over 900 state legislative seats;

                                   2.     12 governorships;                 

                                   3.     13 seats in the Senate;               

                                   4.     69 seats in the House of Representatives; and               

                                   5.     the Presidency to a never before elected Trump.    

                                   Truly, an historic legacy.




November 11, 2016



            Armistice Day, now known as Veteran's Day, is in remembrance of World War I's casualties and survivors. Today, few but other veterans and their families much care to remember the unshared experience of being a vet. And that is the point.


          As a former Marine, I share in the specific recollections of all Marines, dead or alive. We are an American cohort of the larger cohort of former military men and women. We shared the good, bad and indifferent of military service but, importantly, we believed we were together as Americans. Once shared, it is tough to lose that belief. We were in "it" together; city boys, farm boys, whites, blacks and all in the military melting pot. You develop a belief in yourself as resilient and your fellow Americans as people you can count on when the chips are down and the issue great. I still feel a special kinship to former Marines. I already know a lot about him or her. And I like and respect them for that shared experience.


          All of us veterans remember our fellow vets who never came home or who came home as mental or physical basket cases. When I look at a person’s Wiki biography, I always look for their military service. Sadly, these past years, there is far less of it. I think we miss the sense of duty and cohesion which comes from being first a recruit and then an accepted member of the American military. When Sarge says: "Let's go!" all went. As one and as Americans.


November 11, 2016



          Progressives and students all over the country are whining that Trump is not going to be their president and they refuse to accept the results of the voters.


          Remember when Trump was asked if he would accept the result of the election and said he'd tell you at the time? Smug punditeers snickered at that equivocation and alleged his disdain for the voters and the Constitution.


          Where are they now?

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