T H E  N A T I O N A L  S P E C T R U M

A M E R I C A ' S  D O T  C O M M E N T A R Y©

Facts, said John Adams, are stubborn things. Indeed.

It is a fact that the Democrat party wants the mostly Mexican illegals to stay as it believes they will become Democrat voters.

It is a fact that the Democrats are right; the Mexicans will vote heavily for Democrats.

It is a fact that some Republican strategists, Karl Rove for one, think the illegals can be made into Republicans. (Mr. Rove was and remains wrong on that count.)

It is a fact that people of both parties want illegals for their relativey cheap labor.

It is a fact that neither the Bush nor the Obama administrations took serious steps to close the border or otherwise impose existing law upon illegals. No earlier administration did either.

It is, therefore, a fact that people who believe illegals are adverse to American interests are clearly correct in their distrust of the federal goverment taking action against the perceived adverse consequences which arise from the illegal population.

It is a fact that none of the people in any prior administation is dumb. Far from it is the fact.

Thus, the question arises: Why did these smart people purposefully do little or nothing? And the answer to that Dear Reader is that administrations prefer to have a crisis atmosphere with respect to the illegals. Then, and only then, when in the crisis mode, can "comprehensive immigration reform" be enacted. And what is meant by "comprehensive immigration reform"?

Amnesty, Brother. Amnesty.

And, sadly, that's a fact too.

Have you seen it? Forget the old-fashioned benjamins; the new trillion dollar bill is all the rage these days. Whose picture is on it? The black Irishman from Chicago: Barry O'bama to be sure.

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