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December 16, 2016


            Robert Reich, a law school classmate of the Clintons, has now asserted that because Trump has not released his tax returns, he is disqualified from the presidency thus demonstrating that Reich's brain is disproportionally smaller than Runty Robert himself. Shorty offers no authority for his statement. He is, after all, a Democrat hence, none is required, at least by the brown-nosing, media hacks who print such trash as if it were Gospel.


           In fact, there is no law which requires any candidate to release tax returns. But facts do not deter most Democrats. Their factless statements are touted and shouted from their perches for the world to read and sort out. If you are a low information voter, as most are, you likely assume the truth of what you read in your newspaper. That may well be unraveling as Trumpism progresses (ha!) into history. It is, indeed, a consummation to be wished.





December 14, 2016



         The reptiles of the Clinton campaign, their friendly cockroaches in the media and the slimy organisms oozing from elected Democrat cadavers are in full hue and cry that Russians hacked Democrat emails, releasing the contents through an agent, Wikileaks, all to the electoral benefit of The Donald. Why would the Russians do such a thing you ask? To help Trump beat Clinton of course. And why would the Russians want to do that you ask? Because Putin and Trump are friends they respond. Horrors!


          What, again, did the Russians do? They hacked emails and released them so the public could see the internal workings of the Clinton campaign. There are no allegations that the emails were doctored so as to misrepresent the Clintonians. All the emails did was to shine the light of truth on certain slithering critters. Apparently, the truth was enough to sway people to vote for Trump and elect him. Aye, there's the rub.


          But wait. The people did not elect Trump we have been told endlessly. The majority of the people voted for Clinton. Trump, somehow, managed to manipulate the truth to just enough voters in just enough well selected states to win the electoral college vote. California and New York voters are somehow immune to the effect of the truth but Pennsylvanians are clearly swayed by it.


          "We wuz robbed" the Democrats scream; it's unfair to show voters the truth of what we did and said.


          We need to elect Hillary on December 19, 2016 to show that the American democracy cannot be manipulated.


          Hillary is the embodiment of Truth. American justice will have the truth set us free from that Putin puppet, Donald Trump.


          Graduate from the Electoral College with Clintonian honors. Do not do that for which you were elected; ignore the truth and American history. Show the Russians Americans will not be controlled by pravda.







December 12, 2016



          Hillary Clinton isn't particularly smart; she is not a gifted politician, not inspiring as a speaker and she has never shown particular competence in any government job she has ever held. A lackluster senator, a poor secretary of state and a failed presidential candidate are what she has to show for decades of press promotion, feminist favorite and over a BILLION dollars spent in her last campaign. Let's face it: she's a flop and an unattractive flop to boot. Frankly, I can't think of a single quality she has which is impressive. If her surname had remained Rodham, nobody would ever have heard of her. Her sole achievement was her fortuitous marriage to the rapist. Absent that, who would care about Ms. Hillary Rodham? Answer: Nobody. I suspect she knows that too.


          Frankly, I think Joe Biden would have won had he run but Bernie, the Commie curmudgeon would have lost if they had run against Trump. And I don't believe any of the other Republican candidates would have beaten Mrs. Clinton; none of them could have carried the swing states Trump won. The media fix would have carried her over the goal line. It would have been interesting to see what effect Dr. Carson would have had on the black vote. Would it have been galvanizing like the Obama 90% range? Even so, it would unlikely to have been enough as Hispanics would have gone against him more than Trump. There is little love lost between those minorities who compete for the bottom of the economic ladder.


          So, we are where we are. The democrats are in never-never land if they think they can outsmart our new president. They tried that and lost when he was but a candidate. Now he's the Boss and they need to mind their Ps and Qs. They won't as they're arrogant and he will clobber them with regularity. Trump is unlikely to make big mistakes and is more likely to succeed than our soon to be departed Obama as he has far more common sense, understands how to operate a bureaucracy, set up a staff and learn as he is a regular winner in the game of life.


December 8, 2016


           My fellow pundits are diligently writing theses and more explicating the rationale of the election. Mind you that almost all of them had it wrong as they assured us that Mrs. Clinton was about to be elected and in thumping numbers to boot. We and they know how that turned out. Nonetheless, they are yet telling any who will listen why it turned out the way they didn't think. Such is a new definition of chutzpah. One would think some humility or reality would illuminate their lives but, no worries on that. These are new world order types with lifetime entitlement to credibility through credentials, Ivy league issue.


            But let me tell you what really happened.


          Trump is a guy with +/- 8 billion in the bank, who owes nothing to anyone, has a super wife, family, homes everywhere, his own plane, hotels and more. He's famous from TV and from business and the branding of his name. He needs the slings and arrows of political fortunes like you need a hole in the head.


          But, he stood up and said: "I will put America first and make America great again." Millions believed him and those millions lived in enough places around this fruited plain so as to assure him an excess of the 270 Electoral votes needed to win.ģ


          And Mrs. Clinton never said that or anything close, at least not that you can remember. What did she say? "Stronger together" was her theme, whatever that means. Basically, she had nothing to inspire the voters around the country, just those blocks of minorities ghettoed in places like California and New York. Sadly California alone explained her total vote win. The blessings of a republic are not always apparent but this was surely one.


          There are still enough of us Deplorables out there who love our country, who have and would again fight for it, so unlike Mrs. Clinton or her draft-dodging rapist husband or the current illegitimate in the White House who kow towed to dictators, bent his knee to them and trash-talked America for years world-wide.


          Trump, despite his wealth and high life, is like us, not them. He and we believe in America First. And that's why Donald J. Trump is about to become the 45th president and Mrs. Clinton is about to disappear into the mists.

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