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          Recent rumors have it that Hillary Clinton, best known for being the wife of a former president, is not in good health and may decide not to run for her husband's former job. As to the truth of the rumor, I have neither knowledge nor opinion. I would hope it not to be true as I wish none poor health even if I disagree with them. But should it turn out to be true or if Mrs. Clinton should decide not to run for whatever reason, it would surely scramble the Democrat Party nomination race. Who would emerge from the pack to replace the current front-runner? Some have speculated that New York's governor, Andrew Cuomo, might be the likely candidate. I doubt it.


         He might run but he can't hide from his divorce and lackluster governorship. Besides, he is a long way from nationally known and has zero credibility in foreign affairs or the ways of Washington. There is, however, a perfect candidate for the Democrats, one having the following charateristics: * nationally and internationally well known; * many years as a senior elected official in Washington; * a war-hero; * presidential looking, articulate and scandal-free; * previous presidential candidate who ran well. Who is this mystery man? It's easy: John Kerry of course. Now you know why he decided to give up a safe Senate seat to become Secretary of State with a tenure only as long as the Obama administration. Wily John had some advance knowledge of Mrs. Clinton's issues and decided that as Secretary of State, he would enhance his resume and be ready to run in 2016. If you disagree, name the next most likely democrat.

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