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September 10, 2011



            Based on his resume, I used to think the George Bush Senior would make a great president. Young fighter pilot in WW-2; entrepreneur in Texas; family guy; head of the CIA; UN Ambassador; Ambassador to China; vice-president and a good 1st baseman at Yale who still loved baseball. I was wrong; he was a weak, feckless, tongue-tied president without testosterone.


          The latter-day George Bush turned out to be worse than his father if, for no other reason, that we had to suffer him twice as long. This incarnation was equally inarticulate but he did have the testosterone to send other people's kids off to fight his wars of honor and keep them at it for years more than needed. Worse, he permitted the wide-spread invasion of the United States by illiterate Mexican peasants he and his family so much admire. Neither he nor they ever cite reasons for such love, they just say it is compassionate to feel their way.


            We now have the remaining Bush, Jeb, the former governor of the Sunshine State, who may well decide to enter the Republican primary contests as a counter to Rick Perry. It is an open secret the the Bushes do not like Perry who happily returns their disfavor. Alors, if it appears that Perry will become the candidate, it is now speculated that Jeb will come down from the mountain and run.


             I hope he does.


            I say that because I cannot be the only conservative who is sick unto death of the Bushes and the long-lasting damage they have done to our nation. The neo-cons - emphasis on the last syllable please - just love Jeb. Great executive; correct credentials; able politically; makes sense when he speak which makes him a rare Bush indeed, taking after his Mother. 


            Maybe; but few apples fall far from the rotten tree.

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