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September 22 2011



            I grew up essentially poor; Dad aways worked but there was zero extra money.  Mom saved pennies; my brother and I worked from age 11 forward and paid some "rent", keeping the rest.


            When I was in my late 30s, I started a business.  It grew and went public.  Of a sudden, I was, literally, rich.


            As sometimes happens, it all went to where Warren Buffet and Maxine Waters belong.  Ever since, I have been making a living.


            Sophie Tucker is credited for the aphorism which I, and others, have lived.  "I've been rich; I've been poor.  Rich is better."


         Thus, all the "tax the rich" and "pay your fair share" palaver is Pattonesque "horse-dung", class warfare of the worst kind.  The current President, the supposed healer, is nothing more than a rabble-rousing socialist.

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