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September 30, 2011



             Anybody heard from John McCain lately?


         I think about 47% of American voters demanded he be president when last exercising their franchise. But he's gone into anonymous retirement, yet remaining on the taxpayer's payroll. It would be nice to see McCain working at a job sometime. Maybe he could be a messenger boy at his wife's beer company.


              Notice neither he nor his paternal ancestors ever did anything other than work for the government. For me, that's one good reason among a multitude for having kept him from the presidency.


             In the sense that voters frequently make irrational choices, voting for McCain because he was some people's idea of a war hero is equivalent to voting for Obama because he's a mulatto. In retrospect, McCain was the lesser evil but, nonetheless, evil.


            McCain is still around though, voting as a mulatto conservative. Compassionate conservative Arizonans just couldn't say No to him. This is, however, his last hurrah.



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