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October 23, 2011



          The disgusting policy of Affirmative Action yet resounds throughout this land of ours. Why? Because those politicians who know and believe it to be wrong are afraid of being called racists. I have a young son. He's 6. Right now, his chances of admission to a first tier university in September 2023 are diminished because of some other 6-year old being of a preferred color. My son is half-Chinese through his Mother and half Caucasian through me. He was born in Pasadena CA so he's as American as you can get. The other 6-year old may not even be in the United States yet. He or she could be in Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico or Central America. They don't even need to show up until, say, 2023. But, because that child is a NAM (Non-Asian Minority), he will be admitted before my son or yours for that matter. Tell me again how that is a reasonable penalty to impose on your son or mine because some people believe that NAMs were oppressed. Especially show me where Latinos were oppressed. You want oppression? What about the oppression of the Chinese coolies who were brought here to work as if indentured. That's a lot more oppression than the Latinos ever had. Any black or Latino who believes his or her child is entitled to step ahead of my son bacause of their color is a racist, a bigot and a disgrace to this land of justice for all.

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