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November 21, 2011



          No, this is not a diatribe about leftists or rightists turning left. It's road rage about left hand turns. Here in Los Angeles and I suspect nation-wide, making a left-hand turn at a busy intersection is a real hassle. Many turn a block or two before or after the intersection wending their circuituous route to somewhere. A friend from Salt Lake City once remarked that, when driving in LA, she never made a left-hand turn after Noon. FedEx and UPS routes are organized to avoid them to the extent possible as time and fuel wasters. There isn't too much that can be done but there is at least one easy tactic which would help, though not cure, the issue: the first cars in the turn lane should nose out to the middle of the intersection so that more cars can make the turn before or as the light changes. Those who sit on the white line waiting for oncoming traffic to pass drive me nuts. If they'd only get out to the mid-point, it would help everyone. Do not hold your breath. It's easier to cut the budget than change driver's habits, including mine I suppose.

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