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November 23, 2011



          Having spent a dozen years in international business, mostly in Europe, and having had a home in Neuilly-sur-Seine at the edge of Paris, the current state of financial affairs is painful to watch as it has a more personal aspect. The notion of the European Union has never made sense to me when looked at from the individual's viewpoint. I never believed it would work. Last May (2010) I wrote that the EU would never work, something I have believed and said from its inception. Unfortunately, it appears that events are now proving that prediction to be correct. Americans generally don't think much of 50-cycle nations; we tend to think of people who live on the continent of Europe as the same just as we tend to think Asians are alike because they look alike. Wrong. On all counts. A Finn is unlike an Italian who is unlike a Scotsman who is unlike an Austrian. That is not true of a Californian who is not unlike a Floridian who is not unlike a Vermonter who is not unlike an Oregonian. We, not they, are the same in language, customs and laws to recall Julius: they most assuredly are not. And the Chinese hate the Japanese who have no regard for the Thai and the Indians disrespect them all. All of God's children are like that. They share one mark: one tribe dislikes all other tribes. Person by person is a dfferent deal but, in fact, tribes tend to live together. Look at big city ghettoes. They, everywhere, prove the point.

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