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November 25, 2011



         Of necessity, Republicans are fast becoming The White Party. Those who condemn that transformation as racist are numerous but silent about the Democrats having already become the Black and Brown party. That is, of course, not racist. That 95% of blacks who voted for president in 2008 voted for the black candidate is also not racist. Even Catholics for Kennedy wasn't close to that: Catholics voted almost 78% for JFK. Marco Rubio, Florida's new Senator, who I believe will someday be President, garnered 62% of the Latino vote in Florida. That was configured by 78% of the Cuban vote (Rubio is of Cuban descent.) and 40% of the non-Cuban Hispanic vote. While Blacks were once Republican, I doubt we will see that again in any reader's lifetime. From their racist voting and their slavish submission to any Democrat candidate, I see no likelihood that Blacks will vote other than 90% for Obama's re-election. The Hispanic voters are similarly constituted. Were the Black and Brown voters reflective of their fellow citizens, Democrats could hardly win the race for the Dogpatch Dogcatcher's office. It cannot be that those two blocs vote from superior base intelligence, high levels of critical thinking or a more advanced civic view. After all, we're talking about the two groups with lowest IQs, the least education and who commit more violent, serious crime than any other citizens. That's the folks who are the heart and soul of the Democrat party. Couple them with the union crowd and, together, you have the class act of American politics: criminals, welfare-kings and queens plus the public pension people. It is that slumgullion recipe which is joined and coddled by the liberal elite who rule them. All of the above has arisen from the break-down of the Black family, the failure of the federal government to enforce immigration law and the anarchistic tendencies of elitists who believe they can manage the country and, indeed, the world as well. But, irrespective of from whence it came, the Republicans are faced with the demographic realities. Where will they find voters? Certainly not from those people. Who's left? Us.

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