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November 30, 2011



          Slick Willy's counterpart, Colin Powell, was on Meet the Press today, mouthing off about the Tea Party's responsibility for most of what's wrong with Washington. Really. That's what he said. He followed that by a cri de couer for centralism, as a necessary condition precedent to compromise which he opined as the heart of our political history - and future. Well, he ought to know. Powell is without peer as a spineless political type; sort of a black David Gergen. He alleges to be a Republican but seemingly takes the Democrat party's planks to heart or to the camera which is where his heart really is. He voted against McCain, publicly, and with smooth apologies for having to do so. He says Obama has made mostly correct decisions, especially financial decisions. He plays his miltary career to the hilt because, were he other than military, he'd have been toast long ago. On the other hand, it was he who advised Bush 41 not to depose Saddam Hussein leaving that for Bush 43 who bungled the whole thing. Clearly, I am not a fan of Powell. To me, he's a usable tool for left and right all for feathering his personal publicity nest. He is a perfect example of a racist black. Obama is a disaster: most Democrats would prefer him different or gone. Nonetheless, Powell, the alleged Republican, is a big Obama fan. That's because they're both sort of black. They look like coffee with cream rather than just plain black; they've used that to their personal advantage as infinitum and they hang together for that very reason. You might call them the 95 percenters for the 95% of blacks who voted for Obama. I'll take Herman.

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