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December 15, 2011



          Once again the community organizer is rousing the community rabble with the bread and circus chant of fairness.  It's a unique form of fariness though.  It is only to be imposed on rich people, though where rich begins is a variable.  And it is intended only to benefit the 'poor'.  The poor are always Obama's intended beneficiaries and they all look alike.  They are either black or brown so they are easily distinguished from white or Asian people.  Often, those people are referred to as NAMS, Non-Asian Minorities.


          "Fairness" for Hussein Obama and other black and brown socialists only exists when it applies to people of color other than white or yellow.  Black and brown people are unfairly granted admission to universities or unfairly placed on civil-service job lists ahead of the NAMS under color of government policies even though black and brown people are less qualified.


          "Less qualified" you say?  "Yes", I say.  "Blacks and browns are dumber than whites or Asians."


          I think that's a fair statement.

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