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December 03, 2011



           While driving back to LA from a rural court appearance, I listened to a radio show caller talking about the Occupy crowd.  He suggested that Americans organize a Christmas gift drive  for them and call it: Toys for Snots. 


            Sounds just about right to me.


           The Snots have now been thrown under the bus by the liberal media which has recognized that most Americans have no use for their antics.  Of a sudden, Democrat politicians have forgotten their earlier endorsement of the Snots.  (Elizabeth Warren comes to mind.)  Liberal city mayors have evicted the Snots from city parks which they only did when the Snots ran afoul of general public disapproval otherwise the Snots would yet be pooping in public places.  Mainstream TV and press coverage is about nil.


            Sic transit gloria mundi.  And good riddance.



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