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December 03, 2011



          One point which was inferred from the Occupy snots was that their colllege degrees were essentially useless for employment purposes.  That is not uncommon.  After all, if you run a business, how many Chicano Studies majors can you use?  Or Black, Feminist, Transgendered graduates who can help with your bottom line.  Mostly, those types work for government or other fascist groups so that they may impose their belief systems on your dissimilar lifestyle.


           It used to be that "basket weaving" was the caricature of a useless college degree program.  Athletes were supposedly enrolled therein so that they could continue to play footbal or basketball to bring in TV dollars to universities to help pay for the $1 million annual salaries of the presidents of such institutions of higher learning.  (If you think I'm overstating incomes, you're mistaken.)


         This is an element of the now popular "education bubble" which deals heavily in useless degrees.  My own undergraduate degrees are in English Literature with minors in philosophy and Latin.  (I waited 39 years after college before earning my JD.)  Now my undergrad work is somewhat useless but, somehow, I persuaded IBM to hire me.  I even went to work a few weeks prior to my actual graduation.  "Going to work" was an early habit: I started working at 11 as a delivery boy, pumping a bicycle loaded with foodstuffs and delivering them around my neighborhood in The Bronx.  I'm still working, full-time, decades later.  I have hungry mouths to feed with my second family.


          Maybe Newt is on to something that could assist those others of us with useless degrees.  What's that you ask?  Work:  the curse of the drinking class.

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