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December 19, 2011



          Bill O'Reilly just finished interviewing Willard Romney.  O'Reilly, as usual, will brag about his "tough" questioning and his sycophantic regulars will nod in agreement but, in fact, O'Reilly softballed Willard and I nearly napped while trying to pay attention.  Partly, that is Romney's fault.  He's such a bore which is one reason folks don't cotton to him much.  His answers are rote, unenthusiastic and scripted.  If elected, such pap is what we'll get from Willard the Robot.  I recall Willard recently produced some 157 ways to produce jobs or run the country or somethng.  The "plan" sank quickly into well-deserved oblivion.  I suspect Willard will produce endless plans few can follow should he be elected.   Maybe that's the idea.  Normal people can't understand anything any government produces or what most politicians say.


           Willard and the others are boring; not stupid, just plain boring; all of them.


           Except one.

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