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December 23, 2011



          J. Biden, our vice-president, is the best reason to pray for the Obama's health.  Graduating 506th in a class of 688 law students, he "worked" as a public defender for 4 years and was then elected to the Senate by his fellow morons in Delaware.  That was Biden's last and sole recognition of "opportunity".


          He has worked for the federal government since 1972, almost 40 years.  He knows nothing of the private sector; nothing about job creation and less about how to make either function better for Americans.  Obama doesn't either and for the same reasons.  Neither has an ounce of private experience; Obama additionally despises the private sector.  Biden is just too dumb to comprehend it. So when Biden bloviates about "the opportunity society", ignore him.  In the article he wrote on the subject, he shows an appalling misunderstading of basic grammar as well.  As a well-known plagiarist, perhaps he didn't actually write the article but it does carry his name as author.  Thus, like Rand Paul's bigoted newsletters, Biden owns it. Biden is well-known for what the Democrat media terms "gaffes".  Wrong.  Biden is just dumb.

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