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December 30, 2011



          A recent article in the Los Angeles Times described a state-wide experiment whereby children are taught half-day in English and half-day in another language.  Apparently there are some 200 such elementary schools in the program.  In Venice, a beach town below Santa Monica and above LAX, the second language is Mandarin.  The Venice elementary school, which had been plagued by low attendance, is now nearly overwhelmed with new students enrolled in that program. Why? Because the kids in the Mandarin program are overwhelmingly white and Asian whereas the school was overwelmingly black and brown before.  Few white or Asian parents want their kids to go to a heavily black and/or brown school.  Parents know what politicians, social scientists and others of the politically correct ilk refuse to admit. Black and brown kids, as a whole, are nowhere near as educationally capable as white and Asian kids.  It is tough to say that but it's true.  And thus you find few whites who willingly send their kids to other than a white/Asian school, public or private. Zai jian.

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