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January 03, 2012



          A veritable icon of the right, Ann Coulter is hustling votes for Willard Romney, recently re-named "McCain with Hair".  Coulter, now well ensconced in childless spinsterhood, is laying the groundwork for a personal renaissance after marginalizing herself by years of practicing the professional recklessness which she posits as Newt Gingrich's principal failure.  Her relentless style has, I think, worn thin.  As she moves into AARP territory, Ann seeks to re-position herself so as to rescue her career from irrelevancy.


           If you're conservative, it's difficult not to like Ann.  She's bright as can be, speaks well, has facts at her fingertips, is unafraid of debate and comes across as a believer in what she says.  In that sense at least, she is, in fact, Newt in a skirt.  Alas, this New Ann is an obvious licker of Establishment boots who wishes to rejoin the Party's mainstream leaders.  It is an unattractive flip-flop but not inconsistent with her new main man, Willard the Wonder.  It may work for him but, for her, she'll be useful and used by the elites.  Nothing more.


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