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January 04, 2012



         Following last night's Iowa caucus it is abundantly clear that Willard Romney lost and that he lost big-time.  


         When 75% of your fellow Republicans vote against you after your having spent $10,000,000 to persuade them to vote for you, you have lost.  If 8 votes better than Rick Santorum is the best he can do among his putative friends, how do you think he will fare among Democrats and independent voters?


       The Romney we see on television is an unlikeable, plastic, cold repeater of cliched phrases.  Despite his advertising, being governor of Massachussets is not much of a recommendation for the presidency.  It's a small state, not known for much other than Harvard and corrupt Democrats being imprisoned.  Frankly, nobody pays much attention to what Deval Patrick does.  (Who is Deval Patrick?)


        As for Willard's managerial skills, L.A. ran a better Olympics than Willard did in Salt Lake and nobody touted the L.A. managers for the presidency based on their managerial skills.  Few can even name those good folks.


        And, as for Bain Capital, it's a financial consulting, venture capital firm that buys, strips and sells businesses, assets and bets with other people's money.  It manages nothing.  Neither has Willard.  His expertise is in stripping companies of their assets, shuffling them and betting that the company's management can make the business model work.  I don't recall him being CEO of any operating company.  My view is that he's another Harvard MBA wonder boy: a numbers manipulator.  We have thousands of them in D.C.  We do not need another computer plan; we need a leader.  The key ingredient of a leader is that his followers like him and when he says "Go", all move together.  Too few folks like Willard.  Mostly sycophants follow him.


         So, when I look at it all in all, Willard the Wonder Boy does not have "it".  Obama will beat him handily as the Democrats will turn out the vote.  Willard will not as 3 of 4 Republicans don't want him.


          Karl Rove is wrong - again.  Romney is unelectable.  He is unlikeable.  It's that simple.



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