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January 13, 2012



           A fellow Ashkenazic, Glenn Greenwald over at Salon magazine, is running against type.  Ashkenazic Jews, such as Greenwald and I, are lucky members of the world's highest IQ class.  Even so, Greenwald writes some dumb stuff.  Consider.


            Greenwald asserts that by killing Iranian nuclear scientists, Isreal and/or the U.S. are "terrorists".  For a Jew to think that by killing Iranian nuclear experts, Israel becomes a terrorist nation is more than a stretch: it is simply dumb.


            Few know whether either country or even any country is really behind the rash of assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists.  Either way, I'm delighted.  We should do a lot more of that stuff.  Kill the bastards before they kill us is the best way to avoid wars and avoiding the deaths of American military men.  Unlike some, I would make deals with the devil if it's beneficial to the U.S.  I've always thought both Bushes made a big mistake with Saddam Hussein.  We should have made a deal with him for cheap oil and military bases in Iraq in return for protection for his government.  In that sense, The Donald and I agree even though I don't think he's Ashkenazic.


          Were I president of the U.S., I'd be less concerned about other country's citizens problems and very concerend about American citizen's problems.  I'd resolve the latter and leave the others to Allah.

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