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February 21, 2012



Once again the reigning elites have been proven wrong.  Egypt is now a Muslim run country, alien to Israel, the United States and all things Western.  One wonders how that could possibly be given the credentials of our foreign policy leaders, former cocaine user Hussein Obama, The One, and, of course, the Smartest Woman in the World, that open-marriage frump over at State.  Don't forget the idiot at the NY Times rag, one Friedman, and those other media types who gushed about the Arab Spring.  Those people are credentialed fools.  Historically, they resemble that earlier failure, Carter, whose fecklessness enabled the Iranian Revolution to succeed, overthrow the Shah and send you and me into higher priced gasoline and the world into the greedy hands of OPEC.  You do remember the Iranian hostage crisis, the helicopter crash in the Iranian desert, gasoline lines and rationing don't you?

Well, you Democrat readers voted for and supported each of those fools.  Trump is right: those people couldn't do a deal if their lives depended on it.  Neither could either Bush.

As the most powerful country in the world, our elected and appointed elites have simply given away our power and prosperity instead of lending it to those who can do our citizens the most good.    Want to keep lots of manufacturing jobs in the US?  We should have made a deal with Saddam for our support in return for his (cheap) oil.  Why should we try to impose our civics upon other peoples?  Our elites - read Bush family - made personal deals with the Saudis.  That's simply ignored nowadays though it was news some years back.  K Street lobbyists make deals for the Saudis.  All of that is bad for Amerca; it's just good for those insiders and their bank accounts.

You want more?  Look at Mexico.  It's one of the world's great exporting countries.  Probably a greater exporter than China.  What do they export?  Uneducated, illiterate Mexicans who can't get a job in Mexico.  In a word, Mexico exports its poverty.  And we buy it, hook, line and sinker.  The Mexican elites, none of whom looks like any Mexican illegal you ever saw, dump their underclass onto the backs of the American taxpayer.  In California, we even put their children ahead of our own and pay them to go to college.  Its called multiculturalism by the elites though I can't imagine appreciating anything alleged as culture to be found in third-world Mexico's underclass or Mexico itself.  In fact, I can't find any Mexican culture much less appreciate it.  Mexico produces zero technological contributions to the world, creates zero world class music, art or theater, discovers zero medical breakthroughs, offers zero support in the drug wars, has zero control of its drug-cartel run Northern provinces, has zero Nobel prizes, zero anything.

Nonetheless, American elites love Mexicans over American citizens.  Who are these Mexican lovers?  The Wall Street Journal crowd; the Bush family again; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; the Democrat Party; liberals and Catholic bishops.  Even black elites want to join forces with them, screwing working-class blacks for the brown-skinned Mexican illegals in order to retain their personal spoils from their race-baiting careers.

So, in addition to 16 trillion in debt, we lose undeclared wars to the Viet Cong, Afghanistanis and other world-class military organizations, dilute our country's greatest asset, its citizenry, worsen the status of our own underclass, probably forever, as the Latinos are ascendant, better organized and numerically superior.

Nice work Harvard.

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