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February 11, 2012



          Nowadays, I'm the oldest lawyer in the courthouse.  Even the judges are more deferential or, at least, more polite.  Not only do I have four grown children, each of my seven grandchildren is grown and out of college.  Plus, I am blessed with a now 7-year old son.  Thus, as they say, I walk the walk of which I talk.


          I make no arguments as to abortion; each sides are obvious to any sensible person.  Nonetheless, the truth of choice is the consequence of the death of a new life.  Looking at my 7-year old today confirms the wisdom of the choices made by his Mother and me.  I cannot imagine this world with him having been tossed into a container of bleeding fetuses, dumped into a landfill or worse.


          In this nation of ours, we have legalized abortion so that it has become a legal right.  I don't like or agree with it but then, I don't like or agree with some other legal rights.  So, I grant that a woman has a legal right to choose.  I do not believe there is an attached legal right for that same woman to expect me to pay for her exercise of her legal right or the consequence thereof.  I paid for my 7-year old's birth and continue to pay for the costs of his life.  Someone said that just because he had a legal right to bear arms, he did not have the legal right to a tax-payer provided gun.


         I believe abortion morally wrong even if a legal right.  Contraception is different; its morality is less clear.  Its consequences, however, are similar to abortion's.  The truth is that the consequences of each is the Death of a Nation.  Since Roe, more than 50 million American children have not been born.  Since contraception became so accessible, uncounted millions more American children were not conceived, much less born.  Add it up; what do you get?  The Death of a Nation.


          Those unborn American children have nonetheless left their indelible mark on our country; they left an emptiness in America; fewer children means fewer customers, fewer workers, fewer payers into social security systems.  Fewer children means less future.  Put another way, less America.


        And so, into the space of those missing millions of American children, have stepped the millions of children of non-Americans, forever changing this country to something radically different from the way we were to be into what we know not.  Thus is the unintended consequence of choice the Death of our Nation.

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