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March 08, 2012



          In California, our governor, democrat Jerry Brown, is huckstering his new form of tax-increase proposals lauded and egged-on by the liberal California press. Einstein's cliche about insanity being repititious is applicable here. Why would any rational person give more money to the California legislative machine which is composed of those who got California into its financial morass in the first instance? Unless and until Brown has a reasonable answer to that, he can shove his proposals into the back-room from whence they came. It is also obvious that the same question should be posed by fiscally responsible candidates for office at every level. Why candidates don't just state the obvious is beyond me. Another charge is equally obvious: the U.S. Senate has failed to pass a budget in almost 3 years. That's years, Reader. How can a citizen vote for a candidate responsible for that irresponsibility?

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