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March 09, 2012



            I rarely do feminism blogs but this Fluke thing is beyond rational thought. Can you image the cojones Fluke must have to ask someone else to pay for her personal pleasure? Why not ask the dude she's with to cover (no pun) the cost or, better, to bring his own condom(s)? Why does she even need contraception? Is she a high-risk taker so as to have mucho sex but not mucho safe sex? Please say it isn't so. If this new useful idiot of the left is having safe sex, i.e., sex with a guy wearing a condom, she has no need for contraception. If she's not having safe sex, she needs to attend safe sex classes. Such are a bit like traffic school where everybody knows how to drive but forgot to follow the rules and got caught. Maybe, a trip to her doctor would be in order? Who should pay for that? Not me. Maybe you, Lefty.

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