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March 10, 2012



            As noted in my prior post, I rarely comment on feminism but Gloria Allred's newest blather is worth noting as it's just so much obvious bs. Her latest clarion call is a demand that the Florida prosecutors arrest Rush Limbaugh for violating some state law prohibiting defamatory statements against women. Limbaugh is a Florida resident. There are major legal impediments with Allred's braying. First, the law is unconstitutional as it offends the eqaul protection clause of the Constitution. You can't have a law like that which applies to females only. I now assume that Allred is okay with rules unfair to men on their face; it's just women who can't be treated unfairly. It's okay to be unfair to men. It's a bit like affirmative action: repayment for historical (and hysterical) wrongs. Another major legal problem is that Limbaugh's remarks are simply not defamatory in the legal context. They are opinions; they are hyperbole and a reasonable person would interpret them that way. Such are constitutionally protected speech. Sorry Gloria; this time you're up the wrong tree. But she's looking for publicity, not a conviction. And our compliant press is not simply ignorant but incurious. They will let any liberal say anything but nitpick the conservative to death. The lesson here? Democrat liberal loudmouths get wide-spread exposure from the press even when it's obvious that what they say is wrong. No lawyer would shout this except secure in the knowledge that there will be no blowback from a press which would love to see Limbaugh taken down/

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