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March 14, 2012




          Once again the inevitable Mitt Romney falls far short, capturing something less than a third of the Republican primary voters. We've said right along that he's a cold fish, plastic and unlikeable. (See Older Posts) Romney is simply not a leader in the electoral sense. It's more than clear that he's very intelligent, has led an exemplary life and is a lot better than Hussein Obama. But it's not enough. If you can't get more than a third of your friends to vote for you, how can you secure votes from the undecideds and the democrat voters? You can't - and that is the issue. Newt is, finally, sounding that tocsin. It's way past time for the Republican Grandees to note that that bell tolls for them as well. If nominated, Romney will not win the election as Republicans will not come out and vote for him in the enthusiastic droves that Hussein engenders in blacks, Mexicans and food stamp voters, including lottery winners. That's the ball game.

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