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March 18, 2012



          Did you ever wonder why an abortion is never shown on television? We see re-enactments of murder, rape and mayhem. We see real death, disasters and destructions in news programs. But we never see an abortion. Why? An abortion, the "procedure" as its proponents call it would, if seen, end abortions once and for all. Imagine the Obama abortion, the one in which the doctor errs and the baby is not killed during the "procedure" but is alive and outside the womb. Obama, with others, voted to permit the doctor to kill the born child without penalty. How can anyone do that? Only a gutless politician could vote that way for his own election. No decent person would consider it; it is murder to be sure. Yes, it is: the intentional killing of one human being by another is murder. Think about it; picture it in your mmind. Then ask yourself why it has never been shown on television.

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