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March 25, 2012



         It, the Republican primary race, is over and Romney will be the nominee, Louisiana's results notwithstanding. The Republican party will nominate an unpopular RINO, who is the intellectual and political godfather of socialized medicine in the United States and who has never been re-elected to any office held. Mr. Romney's source of primary delegates is founded on states which neither he nor any Republican is likely to win against the incumbent. It is useless for a Republican candidate to spend a nickel to try to win California's electoral votes as my home state will vote for a dead Democrat over any Republican. That is a fact exercised in Illinois every election, presidential or not. It is smart primary politics to work those useless electoral states as they do count for the convention nominating process. But no Republican candidate will obtain a single California, Illinois, Vermont or Massachussets electoral vote, not one. Romney will be a dreary candidate against the more cool, media-backed incumbent. He's a pretty-boy with a perfect 10 resume. That's why he's unliked: he's too perfect, he's all resume; he gives no vibes as to understanding the general electorate. I think that's because he doesn't understand the general electorate: he sees people as various statistical cohorts which needs to be managed. McCain was a better candidate than Romney will be including the fact that McCain had Sarah with him to liven up his mortuary appearance. Romney will have none of that. And we know how that worked out. Nevertheless, Romney is very consistent. He will do what he has historically done best: he will lose.

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