Jim Sweeney


Gender:           Male

Industry:         Law

Occupation:    Lawyer/Consultant

Location:         Los Angeles, California


This blog is about politics and people. Politically, I'm a conservative independent with city, state and federal campaign history but not party affiliation. I think of myself as a libertarian but I'm not a Libertarian. I'm a capitalist, a Milton Friedman economics believer. In real life, I'm a lawyer and consultant to both start-up and operating companies and founder of The American Children Foundation. I've substantial business experience, including being CEO of a public company. I am single, live in Arcadia CA, have 4 grown children and a 12 year old son; served in the Marine Corps; enjoy baseball, tennis and am a warm weather guy. Hawaii is my favorite vacation place. It's America for one thing, blue-state America but you can't have it all.




jim sweeney