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February 1, 2017


          Look to the right - notice my photograph? I am the quintessential white male in appearance. I speak fluent American English, have an American passport, California driver's license and an ID card from the California State Bar Association. Nonetheless, should I fly 125 miles from home in Los Angeles to San Diego, I am extremely vetted in both directions. Off come my coat, jacket, sweater, shoes and belt. My laptop must be in view in a plastic bucket, along with the contents of my pockets. My carry-on bag is individually examined and I am made to stand in a screening device so that a government employee may look at my body, genitals and all. A government employee examines and investigates these things before I can begin to head to my flight's gate. The same ritual is imposed when I return home. And I'm an unmistakable Anglo-Saxon American.

          This routine is played out millions of times each DAY in the United States and all U.S citizens who  fly are subjected to it. Except, of course, people like Schmuckie Schumer and those other politicians who exempt themselves from rules which they force you and me to obey. They never suffer the groping and prying indignities of us nobodies. They are the power elites. Also exempted are the well-to-do flying in their own planes and the famous who go through special doors to avoid these rituals.

          God forbid we should expect Muslims or other alien visitors to undergo similar vetting. That's some sort of bar to religious freedom and, of course, not who we are at least according to Schmukie and his fellow-travelers. Somewhere, according to Nancy Pelousi, the statue of Liberty is crying to which I add her tears are from laughter not sadness.



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