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January 30, 2017


          The recent executive order ban on certain visa holders raised the presstitutes hackles no end. The "Not who we are" trope invariably followed by a cite from the Lazarus sonnet were the support for the condemnation of the President.

          "A Muslim ban"; a "religious litmus test" were typical statements except, as usual, the 27-year old know-nothings of the 4th estate were wrong. For example, the various restrictions were NOT imposed on countries with very large Muslim populations: India, Indonesia (where Obama learned to be a muslim), Egypt and many more. Thus, the Muslim ban cannot be true.

          Those 7 countries names were, in fact, named by Obama in 2015 and in the same context of being terrorist threats.

          Also overlooked was the fact that Obama imposed the same ban on Iraqis. It's overlooked as the presstitutes are still covering Obama's black ass as they did at the time. Not an ounce of liberal criticism came from the media mouth as it never does when democrats do it.

          These utterances are first lies as they are selectively true and, thus, fake news by definition.

          These dumbbells don't yet know they are being played by a shrewd President as they were played by a shrewd candidate. It's sometimes known as "The Art of the Deal".


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