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January 30, 2017


         Until yesterday, I'd never heard of Cornell Brooks who, it turns out, is the president of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Of course, they really mean black people as brown, yellow, red and white skinned people are deemed not to be colored. Black, it seems to me, is the absence of color but let that go for the moment. Any sentient American knows full well that the NAACP is a racist group of blacks who push solely for black people and all to the pushers political, personal and profitable benefit. If you were to launch the National Association for White People, the NAACP would be over you like flies on feces.

             Mr. Brooks' complaint is that the President's intention to investigate voter fraud is really a presidential plan to suppress black voters though he characterizes that as minority voters. In fact, everybody is a minority of some kind depending on how once chooses to slice the American pie. Brooks threatens to resist any attempt to investigate voter fraud because, he says, there is no voter fraud. Brooks omits any basis for his conclusion.

          Think about what Brooks is saying. He knows, based on no offered evidence, there is no voter fraud so the President or the Congress or whichever agency of the federal government is charged with the task is to be resisted massively. And his basis for resistance is that any investigation for voter fraud is really a way to suppress black voters.

          Brooks cannot be a stupid man but his logic is impeccably stupid. His conclusion is so stupid that it cannot be true, it must be false and, because he's not personally stupid, it must be knowingly and intentionally false. It plays well in the fake news press and with the NAACP's donor group. That's why I call it and Brooks frauds. Why not have an investigation to prove Brook's point? Because Brooks knows that there is voter fraud out there and he knows where it is and who commits it as well.

          And that's why Brooks, Democrats and their ilk don't even want to investigate whether there is or isn't voter fraud or its extent. They are afraid, simply afraid to have voter fraud exposed for what it is, who it benefits and who commits and supports it. It is just obvious. All you need do is notice.



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