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January 22, 2017


           The Main Stream Media missed it again. Why those people get bucks and perks is beyond me. Most of them, especially the big name dudes and dudettes, missed the primary and the election and now they missed totally what the President really said in his inauguration speech on January 20th. What Trump did was so refreshing and politically revolutionary that the mainstreamers missed it totally. Most of the presstitutes said the speech, intended for the Trump base but failing to reach out to the Clinton voters in an attempt to unify the nation.

           The President did something better than that: he spoke to his listeners, all his listeners, as Americans. He did not speak to some listeners as a racial minority, queers, transgenders, men or women or in any category other than the one that truly counts: Americans. 

           The President did not pander to groups; he did not try to divide the country into political blocs to be purchased or manipulated. He did just the opposite. The President literally spoke to all of us Americans, not as splinter groups of any kind. Marvelous to behold indeed.

             Thank you Mr. President for your respecting us for what we truly are: Americans. One of a kind.

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