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January 20, 2017


          As Donald J. Trump is inaugurated, it is worth examining some of his proposed policies one of which is that NATO is obsolete. One of Trump's assertions is that the United States pays far more than it should of NATO's costs and that countries like Germany pay next to nothing. In sum, Trump says that none of the Euros is pulling their agreed financial weight.

          That argument, which is factually correct, is not the reason for NATO's obsolescence. Your pundit poses a different question but, first, let us look at NATO's raison d'etre.

          The principal tenet of NATO is that if any member nation is attacked, the other members will come to its military aid.

and then pose the question:

          If Russia were to invade Estonia, would you agree that the United States should go to war with Russia under the flag of NATO?

To put it another way:

          Would you send your sons and daughters to fight the Russian army in defense of Estonia?

          I know my answers to those questions and those answers lead ineluctably to the conclusion that Trump is right.


          Welcome aboard Mr. President.




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