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January 18, 2017


          John Lewis is a black, Democrat Congressman from Georgia who has been in office since 1987. Lewis is famous for two things: 50 years ago, he was marching in the Selma bridge incident and was hit in the head by a cop's nightstick. He recently announced to the world that he would not attend the Trump inauguration as he deems Trump an illegitimate president. Lewis, of course, has it wrong. Obama is the illegitimate as he was born out of wedlock. Trump is as legit as you can get having whipped his opponents every which way from Sunday. In Lewis's 30 year paid vacation as a Congress critter, he has done nothing else anyone remembers, attributes to him or cares much about.


       Trump, of course, Twittered that Lewis was a do-nothing who represented a failing district and ought to spend his time doing for his constituents rather than this grandstanding ploy. For his temerity in daring to attack Lewis, the Democrat party operatives with by-lines boringly and endlessly told all the Lewis was "a civil-rights icon" which, apparently,is sufficient to preserve one from criticism or to fight back against a political smear.


          John McCain is a white, Republican Senator from Arizona who, like Lewis, has been in office since 1987. McCain is famous for being a Viet Nam war hero for his POW exploits, being a presidential candidate against Obama in 2008, numerous legislative acts and proposals and known throughout the country by most sentient Americans. McCain has also criticized Trump both in the Republican primary, the campaign and in many venues. McCain has little use for Trump and I doubt the President-Elect likes or has any use for McCain. It was McCain, after all, who turned over papers to the FBI alleging the papers' allegations needed to be investigated.


          Trump, of course, Twittered that McCain's conduct was an obvious, political effort to hurt his fledgling presidency. Have you read or heard the major media people complaining about McCain, the nationally acknowledged war hero, being pummeled by President-elect Trump? I doubt it.


           In today's America, race and being a Democrat overshadows everything. Lewis, as a black and a Democrat, is doubly impervious to criticism. McCain, who is white and Republican, is fair game. That's how the media sees the American world. This is a quite good example of their bias as it is obvious to anyone who will simply notice.

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