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March 30, 2012



          Black Panthers offer $10,000 for the head of George Zimmerman and Hussein Obama says not a single word about these bounty hunters. Eric "My People" Holder says nothing even though he's in charge of the Department of Alleged Justice. Hate-mongers Sharpton and Jackson rant; black pundits everywhere are in full hue and cry. All this is supposedly about the police not yet arresting Zimmerman as their investigation is incomplete. Not really. What it's about is to make sure black voters remain convinced the world is out to get them so that they do not defect from their political plantation and vote to re-elect Obama in November while, simultaneously, increasing the visibilty and prestige of the race-hustling types such as Sharpton. The liberal media is beside itself as usual, screaming about white-Hispanic murders of blacks without one mention of crimes by blacks on whites which are far greater both absolutely and relatively. We are seeing, again, how illiberal liberals truly are; how twisted, small and deformed their social thinking is. We are also seeing further division among races which is surely leading to a white/Asian political party, perhaps Republican, perhaps not, but surely in process.

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