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December 24, 2016


          We're beginning to talk like Trump but it is still true that we warned as to Obama's being Islamic and not  Christian. Witness his "backstabbing of Israel " at the U. N. yesterday by abstaining from vetoing the resolution concerning the status of Jerusalem.


              Obama doesn't need Jewish money or votes anymore so he doesn't much care about exhibiting his full contempt for both and Israel itself. His financial future is assured and he will likely be with us for 40 more years, living well on his pension and profits, perpetually secure with the Secret Service and incredible healthcare not provided by Obamacare but through the special medical services  politicians provide for themselves while denying it to you.


              Why else would he permit the entry of all the Muslims and zero Christians from Syria and that sad region?


              Why else would he give Iran nuclear free reign PLUS $150 BILLION, lift sanctions against it and the TPP trade deal?


              Why else would he and his wife denigrate America world-wide and kow-tow to foreign leaders?


             Why else would he have sat in Jeremiah Wright' s pews for 20 years and have life-long "friends" like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres?


             Because he is not a Christian or a Christian sympathizer " He is a believer in Islam.


             And he' s not. much of an American either whether he was born in Hawaii or not.

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