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December 23, 2016



          The cri du jour has reverted to the popular vote versus the Electoral College vote by which logic, Mrs. Clinton should be the one inaugurated next month rather than the Deplorable One . Maybe, but there have been other examples of this in history.


         In one example, the WINNER had but 39.7% of the popular vote but 59% of the Electoral vote. And who was that lucky Dude you ask? Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 election is the answer. Without the Electoral College we could still have slavery going strong, at least down South, and there would be no inner city issues, Jazz or NBA.


          What's one example out of 45 you say? Here' s another for your consideration. This President won 43% of the popular vote but 69% of the Electoral College. That would be 1992 and the winner was: William Jefferson Clinton.


           A third example is the time when the winner gathered 49% of the popular vote but 70% of the electoral vote. Guess who? 1996 and William Jefferson Clinton wins again.


          Yes, William Jefferson Clinton, draft-dodger and rapist extraordinaire, never won the popular vote but campaigned so as to win the electoral vote. Obviously, he's the smarter of that couple; his wife failed to take note and learn from history.


           Kvetch, Kvetch, Kvetch






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