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December 16, 2016


            Robert Reich, a law school classmate of the Clintons, has now asserted that because Trump has not released his tax returns, he is disqualified from the presidency thus demonstrating that Reich's brain is disproportionally smaller than Runty Robert himself. Shorty offers no authority for his statement. He is, after all, a Democrat hence, none is required, at least by the brown-nosing, media hacks who print such trash as if it were Gospel.


           In fact, there is no law which requires any candidate to release tax returns. But facts do not deter most Democrats. Their factless statements are touted and shouted from their perches for the world to read and sort out. If you are a low information voter, as most are, you likely assume the truth of what you read in your newspaper. That may well be unraveling as Trumpism progresses (ha!) into history. It is, indeed, a consummation to be wished.




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