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December 14, 2016



         The reptiles of the Clinton campaign, their friendly cockroaches in the media and the slimy organisms oozing from elected Democrat cadavers are in full hue and cry that Russians hacked Democrat emails, releasing the contents through an agent, Wikileaks, all to the electoral benefit of The Donald. Why would the Russians do such a thing you ask? To help Trump beat Clinton of course. And why would the Russians want to do that you ask? Because Putin and Trump are friends they respond. Horrors!


          What, again, did the Russians do? They hacked emails and released them so the public could see the internal workings of the Clinton campaign. There are no allegations that the emails were doctored so as to misrepresent the Clintonians. All the emails did was to shine the light of truth on certain slithering critters. Apparently, the truth was enough to sway people to vote for Trump and elect him. Aye, there's the rub.


          But wait. The people did not elect Trump we have been told endlessly. The majority of the people voted for Clinton. Trump, somehow, managed to manipulate the truth to just enough voters in just enough well selected states to win the electoral college vote. California and New York voters are somehow immune to the effect of the truth but Pennsylvanians are clearly swayed by it.


          "We wuz robbed" the Democrats scream; it's unfair to show voters the truth of what we did and said.


          We need to elect Hillary on December 19, 2016 to show that the American democracy cannot be manipulated.


          Hillary is the embodiment of Truth. American justice will have the truth set us free from that Putin puppet, Donald Trump.


          Graduate from the Electoral College with Clintonian honors. Do not do that for which you were elected; ignore the truth and American history. Show the Russians Americans will not be controlled by pravda.





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