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December 12, 2016



          Hillary Clinton isn't particularly smart; she is not a gifted politician, not inspiring as a speaker and she has never shown particular competence in any government job she has ever held. A lackluster senator, a poor secretary of state and a failed presidential candidate are what she has to show for decades of press promotion, feminist favorite and over a BILLION dollars spent in her last campaign. Let's face it: she's a flop and an unattractive flop to boot. Frankly, I can't think of a single quality she has which is impressive. If her surname had remained Rodham, nobody would ever have heard of her. Her sole achievement was her fortuitous marriage to the rapist. Absent that, who would care about Ms. Hillary Rodham? Answer: Nobody. I suspect she knows that too.


          Frankly, I think Joe Biden would have won had he run but Bernie, the Commie curmudgeon would have lost if they had run against Trump. And I don't believe any of the other Republican candidates would have beaten Mrs. Clinton; none of them could have carried the swing states Trump won. The media fix would have carried her over the goal line. It would have been interesting to see what effect Dr. Carson would have had on the black vote. Would it have been galvanizing like the Obama 90% range? Even so, it would unlikely to have been enough as Hispanics would have gone against him more than Trump. There is little love lost between those minorities who compete for the bottom of the economic ladder.


          So, we are where we are. The democrats are in never-never land if they think they can outsmart our new president. They tried that and lost when he was but a candidate. Now he's the Boss and they need to mind their Ps and Qs. They won't as they're arrogant and he will clobber them with regularity. Trump is unlikely to make big mistakes and is more likely to succeed than our soon to be departed Obama as he has far more common sense, understands how to operate a bureaucracy, set up a staff and learn as he is a regular winner in the game of life.

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