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November 27, 2016



            China's population is about 1.4 billion as opposed to the 330 million in the United States. China's total number of:

                       a. naturalized citizens is 1,448; and

                       b. it total refugees is 583.

            As Jack Paar used to say: "I kid you not."

            Think of those numbers a moment. They are virtually non- existent yet the communist Pope, the U.N. elites, NGOs and no government leaders in the world demand China open its gates.

            That's also true of Castro's Cuba, that alleged haven of wonderful medicare for all and where racial inequality was non-existent according to media types.

            According to those journo sources, it is only Western nations, epitomized by the United States, which are anti-immigrant/refugee and where racial inequality flourishes. 

            Hypocrites anyone?

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