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November 20, 2016




            As most of you know, Vice-president elect Mike Pence recently attended the Broadway show "Hamilton" and was lectured from the stage by its star, affirmative action actor Brandon Dixon. It turns out that practically the entire cast are affirmative action people.



           How can that be you ask? Simple. These are progressives and have no need to follow the law. When the show was being cast, it put out the usual cattle-call notice. But this one read non-white actors only; i.e., white actor need not apply. You didn't read about it anywhere even though the ever alert N.Y. Times is just around the corner. You can bet that were the facts reversed so that whites only need apply, it would be a national scandal in a New York minute. But we know that laws are not applicable to these affirmative action situations so nary a peep was heard.



          Now, along comes Dixon with his condescending lecture to Mr. Pence, and the truth begins to unfold: the show is the direct result of racist cast selection. It is they and Dixon who should be ashamed to take their paychecks from the shows producers. It's tainted money to say the least. A new broom needs to sweep the Hamilton stable and recast the show so that all races have equal opportunity. 



           The producers should be prosecuted for anti-civil rights violations along with the actors union and N.Y. Mayor De Blasio's people who failed to stop this when it started. Maybe attorney general Jeff Sessions can take this as an early case.


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