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November 11, 2016



          As soon as Obama and Trump met to begin the orderly transfer of the power of the Presidency, the Establishment mantra began and from all sides, allowing as to how Trump now has to reach out, across the aisle, to work with the Schumers and Pelosis of The Swamp, aka D.C.




          These supposed brilliant Swampies now have the post-election as bassackwards as they had the election itself. Human experience demonstrates that it is the job of "the others" to reach out to The Boss and get along with him, her or it, depending on the plumbing.


          Assuming Trump is to his own self true and that the democrats are in a hissy fit, he will pleasantly suggest they go off to some private place and reproduce themselves.


          My basic assumption about Trump is that he is consistently himself. After all, he has 8 billion dollars and a job from which he realistically can't be removed for at least four years, maybe more. There is no place up for him to go and he is already in the history books forever. Tell me why he needs to kow tow to anyone.


          Accordingly, I have difficulty seeing him bend much to the losers. He would rightly think people with that attitude have the world bassackwards. And, as it has usually turns out in this world or the Next, The Boss is right again.

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