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November 9, 2016



          In response to John McCain's complaining of the contents of some bill in Congress, then newly minted president Obama famously reminded McCain that he, Obama, had won the election. Let us hope that our incoming president uses that same rubric in response to the impending caterwauling of his opponents to be mindful of the loser's positions in new legislation.


          In that vein, I noted that Jack Ma, China's richest man, is calling for Trump to play nice and fair with Beijing. I would advise that as well. For fair, I'd start by demanding reparations for all the trade secrets stolen by Beijing to fuel its economic and military rise. The Chinese are like the Muslims: they respect the strong horse. That is an apt description of Trump. After the election, few dare say he's the horse's rear end anymore.


          Trump has said from early on that he likes winners. Methinks he's going to stay that way and that Beijing and other capitals are going to be surprised when he actually does what he said he would do.


          After all, he won didn't he?

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