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December 3, 2015


        Due to the confluence of life, family and professional pressures, I am suspending posting until further notice. 


        As an observation, I noted the same old, tired tropes from Hussein, our Muslim president, the lickspittles at CAIR and the media morons who cannot discern a motive for yesterday's shootings in San Bernardino. I'll tell you why: They were Muslims and all Muslims love Allah, Islam and Mohammed more than anything else, especially the United States. Thus, some go off the deep end before they have full control of a physical place. But you can be sure that, once control of a place is obtained, out goes whatever was there and in comes Islam and sharia. They have always done it, still do it and always will.


        The recent event just exemplifies their ideology having gotten off into the deep end for some slight or pathology. Jihad is how they rectify their particular issue. Doesn't everybody leave the baby with granny, dress up in combat clothes, with armor, weapons and pipe bombs to slaughter fellow workers? Of course they do. Christians, conservatives and white-men do that every day but, because of their white privilege, you rarely hear of it as the media masks it.

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